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Salvia hispanica (chia) constituted an essential crop for pre-Columbian civilizations and is taken into account a superfood for its rich content of essential fatty acids and proteins. Whereas being able to grow in dry situations (Baginsky et al. 2014 ), Salvia hispanica L. benefits from rainfall events ranging from 300 to 1,000 mm throughout the entire growing season (Yeboah et al. 2014 ; Coates and Ayerza 1996 ). The optimal distribution of precipitation for this crop permits a superb provide of rainfall through the first phenological phases similar to vegetative development, while drier circumstances are required throughout subsequent phases, particularly seed maturation (Yeboah et al. 2014 ). The crop may be grown in rainfed or irrigated circumstances (Coates and Ayerza 1996 ), however there’s a lack of scientific literature on irrigation experimental trials, so there is no precise quantification of evapotranspiration of this crop.

It also accommodates a excessive quantity of antioxidants 8 Heavy metallic analysis showed that chia seed incorporates them at secure levels, not exceeding the utmost metal levels for meals security, and the seed is also free from mycotoxins 1 Another key function of chia seed is that it does not comprise gluten 9 Recent research on chia seeds have centered on phytochemicals and their extractions from the seed.

The study below overview sought to look at the impact of chia seed supplementatio Continue reading